Amend, early warning for articles

Long noncoding RNA / lncRNA
Oxidative stress
Hepatocellular carcinoma

Amend is a system of early warning for academic articles, developed by the CAS Journal Ranking team. Our team has collected the notices of concern, correction and retraction from the official websites of journals, and linked the "Paper Mill", post-publication peer review and the official notification, then built a comprehensive warning system.

Amend not only provides free service for the CAS Journal Ranking's subscribers, but also supports the universities, institutions, hospitals, publishers, and journal with customized multi-dimensional analyses.


To help researchers identify the potential risks of articles.

To support universities, institutions, hospitals, and scientific research management departments to fight against academic misconduct and safeguard research integrity.

To monitor early warning of articles for publishers and journals.

To provide early warning-related data for the research of policies and scientometrics.