Research on the intelligent model of progress in physical education training based on motion sensor

论文工厂 期刊:MICROPROCESSORS AND MICROSYSTEMS / 年:2021 / 卷:82 / 文献号:ARTN 103903

Indigoferabietone, a novel abietane diterpenoid from Indigofera longeracemosa with potential antituberculous and antibacterial activity

撤稿 期刊:PHARMAZIE / 年:2002 / 卷:57 / 期:10 / 起始页码:714

Nuclear Factor-kappa B p65 facilitates longitudinal bone growth by inducing growth plate chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation and by preventing apoptosis

撤稿 期刊:JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY / 年:2007 / 卷:282 / 期:46 / 起始页码:33698

TUSC3 induces autophagy in human non-small cell lung cancer cells through Wnt/beta-catenin signaling

论文工厂 期刊:ONCOTARGET / 年:2017 / 卷:8 / 期:32 / 起始页码:52960

Utilizing ANFIS for prediction water absorption of lightweight geopolymers produced from waste materials

撤稿 期刊:NEURAL COMPUTING & APPLICATIONS / 年:2013 / 卷:23 / 期:2 / 起始页码:417

Paradigm and performance analysis of distributed frequent itemset mining algorithms based on Mapreduce

论文工厂 期刊:MICROPROCESSORS AND MICROSYSTEMS / 年:2021 / 卷:82 / 文献号:ARTN 103817

Electrochemical single-molecule conductivity of duplex and quadruplex DNA

撤稿 期刊:CURRENT OPINION IN ELECTROCHEMISTRY / 年:2017 / 卷:4 / 期:1 / 起始页码:166

Long non-coding RNA TUG1 promotes osteosarcoma cell proliferation and invasion through inhibition of microRNA-212-3p expression

撤稿 期刊:EXPERIMENTAL AND THERAPEUTIC MEDICINE / 年:2018 / 卷:16 / 期:2 / 起始页码:779

A superconducting field-effect switch

撤稿 期刊:SCIENCE / 年:2000 / 卷:288 / 期:5466 / 起始页码:656

Response of ship hull laminated plates to close proximity blast loads

撤稿 期刊:COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE / 年:2012 / 卷:52 / 期:1 / 起始页码:197

Novel mesoporous amorphous B-N-O-H nanofoam as an electrode for capacitive dye removal from water

撤稿 期刊:JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A / 年:2017 / 卷:5 / 期:40 / 起始页码:21400

Long non-coding RNA DANCR upregulates IGF2 expression and promotes ovarian cancer progression


Epidemiological Pattern of Newly Diagnosed Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, Taif, Saudi Arabia

撤稿 期刊:SCIENTIFIC WORLD JOURNAL / 年:2013 / 文献号:ARTN 421569

Robust virtual inertia control to support frequency stability of an islanded microgrid

撤稿 期刊:IET RENEWABLE POWER GENERATION / 年:2018 / 卷:12 / 期:7 / 起始页码:874

Effect of concentration of the microalga Dunaliella tertiolecta on survival and growth of fairy shrimp, Phallocryptus spinosa Milne Edwards, 1840 (Crustacea: Anostraca)

撤稿 期刊:AQUACULTURE RESEARCH / 年:2016 / 卷:47 / 期:9 / 起始页码:2976

Protective effect of HSP27 in atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease by inhibiting reactive oxygen species

论文工厂 期刊:JOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY / 年:2019 / 卷:120 / 期:3 / 起始页码:2859

Corporate governance reform and firm value in Mexico: an empirical assessment

撤稿 期刊:JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC POLICY REFORM / 年:2009 / 卷:12 / 期:3 / 起始页码:163

Facile fabrication of water-dispersible AgInS2 quantum dots and mesoporous AgInS2 nanospheres with visible photoluminescence

撤稿 期刊:RSC ADVANCES / 年:2015 / 卷:5 / 期:84 / 起始页码:68287

Enhanced protective properties and UV stability of poly(lactic acid)/poly(vinyl acetate)/ZnO microcapsule nanocomposite

撤稿 期刊:JOURNAL OF VINYL & ADDITIVE TECHNOLOGY / 年:2019 / 卷:25 / 期:1 / 起始页码:68

Loss of nuclear pro-IL-16 facilitates cell cycle progression in human cutaneous T cell lymphoma

撤稿 期刊:JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION / 年:2011 / 卷:121 / 期:12 / 起始页码:4838